Adhajeo symbol
Owner Khan'zalika
Number of Members 5

Elliana (child), Khan'zalika, Lor'tohm, Nova, Vars Dahl'arak

Family InfoEdit

Family motto: "Never give up, always reach higher."


The Adha'jeo were originally a small house from the old city with a modest and unexceptional history, built upon the ideals of ambition and success. It met an untimely end after many decades of slow decline and obscurity when the last female of the house died during the final days of the Tei'kaliath's exodus, leaving Lor'tohm as the sole survivor. Nearly three months after the Tei'kalith arrived at Ther'avare it was reborn as a new family, with Nova as the new head. After Nova left, Khan'zalika became the new head of the family.




Elliana (child), Khan'zalika, Lor'tohm, Nova, Vars Dahl'arak


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