An'jhali's Mother
An'jhali's mother
Activity Inactive
Age Unknown
Race Tei'kaliath
Health Dead
Family Shifaye'sindil royal family
Mates Unknown
Children An'jhali plus an four other unknown daughters

Character InfoEdit

An'jhali's mother has thus far gone unnamed but has been mentioned numerous times in-comic.

Physical DescriptionEdit

An'jhali's mother very much resembles her daughter in both coloring and hairstyle.


[Chapter 2, Colony 10, 6/29/11] LA panel two: appears in flashback.

Critical Actions and Relationship to the Clan:Edit

An'jhali's mother was the Illharess of Shifaye'sindil and ruled over the people who would eventually become the clan Tei'kaliath. Early in the game a few faceless refugees claimed that An'jhali was not the Ill'haress her mother was, implying that some considered her to be a better monarch. Regardless of what kind of ruler she was, what is known is that the last days of her reign were filled with turmoil, culminating in the Black Sun attack on Shifaye'sindil. She is explicitly said to have died when the city fell.

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