Anu'ragi Vel'Sharen
Age Unknown
Race Chelian drowolath
Health Healthy
Family Vel'Sharen
Mates Unknown
Children Unknown

Character InfoEdit

Anu'ragi is an NPC member of the Vel'Sharen clan of Zala'ess' bloodline and primarily served as an envoy between the Sharen and the Tei'kaliath. After hearing the of the Black Suns attack on Ther'avare she seemed disturbed and returned to her clan with news.

She was also present at Orthorbbae for part of An'jhali's stay during the early days of Path to Power 2 until she left to return to her clan for active duty, saying that the Sharen could not spare to keep a single member at Orthorbbae. She had An'jhali's summoning gem made into a gauntlet for An'jhali to use before she left.

Physical DescriptionEdit



Path to Power 1

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Path to Power 2

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Critical Actions and Relationship to the Clan:Edit


Character GalleryEdit

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