Activity Active
Age 45
Race Chelian
Health Healthy
Family Totolo
Mates None
Children None

Character InfoEdit

Ash is new to the Tei'kaliath scene, and not entirely sure how he managed to get allowed on the airship during one of its adventures. He is doing his best to prove himself useful, such as developing mana cannons for the airship.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Hair: Silver, short with long bangs

Eyes: Blue

Skin: Brownish Gray

Height: Below Chelian Male Average

Build: Athletic

Clothes: Normal for his level, except with padded, heat- and impact-resistant gloves and boots for smithing and adventuring. Still tends to wear dark reds despite no longer being Sarghress

Armor: Sarghress Highland Raider Standard Issue, kept in condition as one would expect of a professional in the trade

Weapon: Ten-Pound, a shortsword so dense that despite its dimensions, it weighs ten pounds.



Advices Made by this Clan Member:Edit


Non-canon (roleplay) Character Background.Edit

Ash'arion was born and raised into a family of smiths and miners that was relatively poor due to being unable to afford keeping up with the price gouging of their rivals. His house could not even afford to send their kids to public schools to learn about such critical things as mana manipulation. That was until the Sarghress war machine's hunger for equipment outmatched just about everybody's production. Then they were able to make enough ada that they could spare each child of his generation the materials to make one weapon and suit of armor for themselves so they could go out and play either soldier or adventurer. At 30, Ash took the latter, and spent the subsequent years exploring the surface world as a Relic Hunter. Consequently, he was often very far away from Chel as life there destabilized and eventually broke down. On one of his rare visits home, he found his family's house burned down, leaving only his scattered generation as survivors. In that moment, he saw only destruction in the pursuit of permanence, and opted to return to adventuring, only for his own benefit this time. Seeking stability, however, he decided to settle into an organization larger than a Relic Hunter Squad. He still wanted to adventure though, which left him at a conundrum, until he heard news of and eventually found a place in the city of Ama'varde, which happened to have a lot of what he wanted, and even some things he didn't know he wanted. Such as another way to pursue his dream of bringing constant change: Science.

The only thing he kept from his past (besides the Sarghress tattoo hidden under his bangs, which he can't erase) is his short sword, uncreatively named Ten-Pound. How he managed to fit 10 lbs of steel into a sword that should be comprised of 3 or less is a mystery he hasn't put thought into solving. In his mind, he just 'beat as much metal as [he] could into the shape [he] wanted, then sharpened it'. As could be expected, wielding it properly for combat required months of practice and a simplified martial pattern relying more on sheer force than facilitating use of the blade's edge. He can, however, deflect crossbow bolts with it, as long as there aren't too many.

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