Drowtales - Path to Power2
Activity Active
Age 41
Race Chelian
Health Healthy
Family None
Mates None
Children None

Character Info Edit

Former chelian mercenary, now part of the Tei'kaliath. Also a member of the FSF auxillary. 

Physical DescriptionEdit

Of average height, weighing around 163 pounds, semi-muscular build. Short black hair and yellow eyes. 

When not dressed in clan provided clothing: Grayish short-sleeved shirt and  bit worn-out sleeveless dark-brown trench coat with the FSF unit pin attached to it. Sort of black/grayish pants and black gloves.

Oh, and the black FSF beret.


Various (PtP 3 only). 

Advices Made by this Clan MemberEdit

Various (PtP 3 only).

Non-canon (roleplay) Character BackgroundEdit


Character Gallery:Edit

Drowtales - Path to Power

First appearance.

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