An'jhali Jr.
An'jhali Jr performance tir'ay
Age 15
Health Healthy
Race Tei'kaliath
Family Nimaraidh
Parents Shiir & Lian (Elif's sister)

An'jhali Junior is an NPC child character. She is the daughter of Shiir and the niece of Elif and was the only child in the clan for a long time after the Exodus.

An'jhali Jr's mother, Lian, died during the Exodus after giving birth to her. But Lian had so much faith in her Ill'har that she named her baby after her leader (this was also the mechanic by which the players chose the name of their Ill'har).

During Path to Power 1, An'jhali Jr. mainly provided comic relief and an outlet for the Tei'kaliath to channel their nurturing instincts. She was also frikin' adorable.

An'jhali Jr. now has a younger half sister named Idun'yr.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Path to Power 1: For most of Path to Power 1, An'jhali Jr. was a just a few months old baby. She had a short shock of hair that was the same shade of lavender as her mother's. She was always dressed in white pajamas.

Path to Power 2: After the timeskip between Path to Powers 1 & 2, An'jhali Jr grew from a babe still learning to crawl to a child capable of performing tir'ay. It was at this point that she started wearing a forehead marking similar to that of Elif.

Path to Power 3: Once again An'jhali Jr. has shown considerable growth over the second time skip. She now keeps her hair in a single long ponytail rather than twin pig tails.

Character GalleryEdit

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