Activity Active
Age 101
Race Tei'kaliath
Health Healthy
Family D'rak, formerly Ti'sora'naqua
Mates Lumini'chal, formerly Tamato
Children Sydoni

Character InfoEdit

Eldri'caldeyi is an active character. He was an overseer under Khan'zalika and was among the group in Sasunra during the Black Sun Siege. He escaped with minor injuries. Eldri later became an architect, and has designed several elements of Ama'varde. He was also a member of the Blue Banner Expedition.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Eldri's hair medium length, silver-grey hair in loose ponytail and pale green eyes. He stands at a humble 5'11". His clothes are well made, however due to the weathering imposed on it, the colors are faded and frayed on the edges, in particular at the hem of his robes.


Path to Power 1

  • Day 31, 11/2/08: EA pannel six: Joins the crafters.

  • Epilogue 3, 12/1/10: EA pannels one & two: painting a picture depicting the battle between Lady Sayatt and Taruna.

Advices Made by this Clan Member:Edit

Non-canon (roleplay) Character Background.Edit

Character GalleryEdit

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