Activity Inactive
Age Unknown
Race Dark Elf
Health Dead
Family Unknown
Mates Unknown
Children Unknown

Character InfoEdit

According to Tei'kaliath lore, Ellisin'lae, also known as Vanquisher of the Shard, was the third Tir'ay Master and the founder of the Balanced Form. As conflict raged across the surface world, Ellisin'lae found that neither Hard Form nor Soft Form tir'ay was sufficient for her needs. Thus she combined aspects from both in order to create a versatile style suited for one who had devoted their entire life to combat, such as herself.

When the surface was eventually lost to the Tei'kaliath's ancestors, Ellisin'lae is said to have been defeated and lost along with Soft Form master Ana'thelin while protecting those fleeing to beneath the surface. While no one rose to take her place, a grief stricken Su'jhar eventually took over both her and Ana'thelin's schools of tir'ay, continuing to teach it to the denizens of Shifaye'sindil.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Ellisin'lae was a dark elf female with short black hair and a single braid hanging next her left ear. Of the four Tir'ay masters, Ellisin'lae appears to be the largest the most muscular, reflecting her dedication to combat and mastering every aspect of tir'ay. She wore a grey, red, black, and white short sleeve top on top of a red long sleeve undershirt and armor on her upper arm. She also wore red pants tied by a red sash, armored leggings, and a pair of black arm guards.


(Chapter 2, Flower Festival, 12/21/11) LA: described in On the Origins of Tir'ay special.

Critical Actions and Relationship to the Clan:Edit

Founder of the Balanced Style of tir'ay.

Character GalleryEdit

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