Activity Active
Age Unknown
Race Feline Feral

Character InfoEdit

Fram is the one responsible for bringing the airship to Ama'varde.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Fram is a female feral with green eyes, short red hair, and tawny fur with patches of dark brown. She wears a light blue shirt and similarly colored mini skirt over black shorts and a brown cloak with a rectangular clasp with a cat face inscribed on it.


  • (Chapter 3, Introduction, 10/3/12) LA panels five six: first appearance.

Critical Actions and Relationship to the Clan:Edit

Piloted the ruined airship to Ama'varde where she sold it to the Tei'kaliath for some fish. Has apparently forgotten she sold it and now she and her companions serve aboard the airship.

Character Background.Edit

Wants to eat the moon (which one isn't clear) under the mistaken impression that it is made out of cheese.

Character GalleryEdit

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