Activity Inactive
Age Unknown
Race Drowussu
Health Healthy
Family None
Mates None
Children None

Character InfoEdit

Grax was a Drowussu Chelian who studied with An'jhali during her time at Orthorbbae. Along with Aleria and Mae'torani, he helped the Tei'kaliath Ilhar hone her abilities in the mana and martial arts. As the day approached for An'jhali to depart for Ama'varde she offered to take all three with her if they so wanted. When the time finally came to leave, Grax was conspiciously absent and is assumed to have stayed in Chel'el'Sussoloth.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Grax had short spikey black hair and light grey skin. He wore white pants, a long sleave shirt with black and white stripes on the sleaves, and a long trailing black coat.


Path to Power 2

  • (Chapter 2, Colony 4, 5/18/11) - LA panel eight: first appeance.
  • (Chapter 2, Colony 5, 5/25/11) - LA panels one and two: offers to teach An'jhali war tatics and econimics, to which she politely refuses.
  • (Chapter 2, Colony 8, 6/15/11) - LA panel six: plays a bit of lute music for An'jhali.
  • (Chapter 2, Colony 11, 7/6/11) - LA panel six: helping An'jhali and Mae'torani with their mana training.
  • (Chapter 2, Colony 13, 7/20/11) - LA panel three: aiding An'jhali in the creation of a new fighting style.
  • (Chapter 2, Colony 14, 7/27/11) - LA panel three: Grax, Aleria, Mae'torani, and An'jhali spar together.
  • (Chapter 2, Colony 15, 8/3/11) - LA panels four and five: last appearnace.

Advices Made by this Clan Member:Edit

"Pardon me, miss! I hear you teach exotic fighting styles. May I join you?" 1 vote. LA: Colony 4

"I can help you study war tatics and economics for tir'ay lessons." 2 votes. LA: Colony 5

"Anji! My offer to tutor you still stands, if you wish it." 1 vote (ignored.) LA: Colony 7.

"Oh, singing! What a grand idea! I'll occompany you with the lute." 1 vote. LA: Colony 8.

"Tell me about yourself, Anji. What kind of person have you become?" 1 vote (ignored.) LA: Colony 9.

"You need more sword training. Spar with me!" 1 vote (ignored.) LA: Colony 11.

"Here, let me show you how to shoot mana bolts while striking an epic pose!" 1 vote (ignored.) LA: Colony 12.

"Combine tir'ay with mana arts to make a new fighting style!" 13 votes. LA: Colony 13.

"I will fight by your side, m'lady!" 1 vote. LA: Colony 14

Character GalleryEdit

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