Activity Inactive
Age Unknown
Race Dark Elf
Health Dead
Family Unknown
Mates Unknown
Children Unknown

Character InfoEdit

According to Tei'kaliath lore, Imaijir was the fourth and last of the four known Tir'ay Masters. Like Su'jhar, Imaijir started out living a life of poverty and indentured service but rose to greatness through skill and drive. She was trained in a form of tir'ay that was popular amongst performers but considered unsuitable for combat.

Imaijir was devoted to her craft, spending hours memorizing and practicing the stylized movements of her form. However other tir'ay practitioners did not take her seriously as a fighter, expecting her to remain a mere entertainer. They would be surprised at the level of perfection Imaijir had reached when the "performer" entered Shifaye'sindil's greatest tir'ay tournament and won. Imaijir's victory gained her great recognition in the eyes of Su'jhar, who deemed her to be a worthy equal. Soon after, Performance Style tir'ay became formalized as the fourth tir'ay form.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Imaijir was a dark elf female with waist-length white hair that she kept tied back in two pony tails. The left side of her face and neck as well as the entirety of her left arm was covered by a series of white tattoos. She wore a black sleeveless dress, light green pants, and sandals. She also wore a light green armband around the upper portion of her left arm and a light brown piece of cloth around the elbow portion of her right arm. Like Ana'thelin, she also wore a piece of string/ribbon around her left ankle.


(Chapter 2, Flower Festival, 12/21/11) LA: described in On the Origins of Tir'ay special.

Critical Actions and Relationship to the Clan:Edit

Was the one who led Performance Style tir'ay to be recognized as an official form.

Character GalleryEdit

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