Age 6
Race Dark Elf
Health Healthy
Family Shifaye'sindil Royal Family
Parents An'jhali & Badai

Character InfoEdit

Ish'jha is the daughter of Badai and Queen An'jhali, which also makes her heir to the new Shifay'sindil royal throne and the future leader of the Tei'kaliath.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Ishi'jha is a little girl still in toddlerhood. Like all children of drowolath born on the surface, Ishi'jha has the dark elf skin tone of her distant ancestors. She wears dark blue pants and simple sleaveless white shirt. Her white hair is kept tied in two bunches.


  • (Chapter 3, To The Sky, 9/28/12) LA panels three through seven.

Character GalleryEdit

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