Itham Guir
The Itham Guir are a tribe of dvergar who reside near the Amaranth region where the Tei'kaliath make their home. For a time they resided on the surface in a mobile camp near the Mist Sea, but in recent years have retook their home city of Ithrin with the help of the Tei'kaliath. They now


Tei'kaliath InteractionEdit

The Tei'kaliath intially encountered the dvergar tribe when exploring a canyon located E-18 of Amaranth in search of a place to mine for iron. At the time a blizzard had set in and the Tei'kaliath explorers could not see who or what was in the canyon, although strange sounds could be heard. As a precatioun the explorers set up a avalanche trap and when sound reapeared the following evening they set off the trap, killing an unknown number of pack animals. In retaliation the Itham Guir fired a cannon round into the canyon wall above the explores, triggering a second avalanch. Although they had to dig themselves out of the snow, none of the expedition was killed. The explorers were then told to leave by a pair of Itham Guir warriors. The Tei'kaliath left, but promised to return with An'jhali in order to negotiate.

Later, An'jhali and the Itham Guir representitive met the arranged neutral ground. After a brief bout of negotiation the Itham Guir representitive proposed that if An'jhali wanted to truly gain their trust, she should come to their camp alone. After discussing it with the Tei'kaliath who had accompyied her, An'jhali agreed to go to the camp. Once there, An'jhali and the Itham Guir leaders discuss terms and trade stories. It turns out that the Itham Guir were driven from their last settlement by a drow faction and were chased until they fled to the surface. Eventually they plan to retake their old home, although for the time being they reside at E-18. When An'jhali returned to her people, she informed them that as compensation for the lost pack animals the Itham Guir require food. Two days later 100 units of eyret and 100 units of raw meat are sent as payment.


Notable Itham GuirEdit


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