Activity Active
Age 100
Race Chelian
Health Healthy
Family None, formerly Sel'Kestal
Mates None, formerly Rizalee and Yash'in
Children None

Character InfoEdit

Mae'torani was one of An'jhali's classmates at Orthorbbae. When it came time for An'jhali to make her journal to the surface in order to reunite with her people, she offered to take Mae and the other friends she'd made at Orthorbbae along with her. Mae accepted and was adopted into the clan.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Mae is a Chelian female with long wavy light blue hair that she keeps tied back in a single waist length pony tail.


Path to Power 2

  • (Chapter 2, Colony 6, 6/3/11) - LA panels two and three: Informs a lost An'jhali and Aleria that they are in the right place for the traditional summoning class. First appearance.
  • (Chapter 2, Colony 7, 6/10/11) - LA panel eight: Suggests that they should find out what abilities An'jhali's summon has. Is informed that summons do not have abilities.

Advices Made by this Clan Member:Edit

"It is easy to get lost new girl, let me accompany you as well." 3 votes. LA: Colony 6.

"Find out the nature/abilities your summon may have had in the Moons Age."

5 votes. LA: Colony 7.

"Do you sing? You've worked pretty hard, relax a bit and join a singing class." 5 votes. LA: Colony 8.

"Write your Tei'kaliath a letter, I'm sure they miss your words and presence." 10 votes. LA: Colony 9.

"Learn a basic mana blast, improve your mana shield." 1 vote. LA: Colony 11.

"Learn how to do a mana bolt; it's essential!" 1 vote (ignored). LA: Colony 12.

"Spar with another mana specialist/summoner; see how you compare." 3 votes. LA: Colony 13.

"Ask Humeira about creating the body of the summon with different elements." 2 votes. LA: Colony 14.

"What would you do without me? Of course I'll join you on the surface!" 2 votes. LA: Colony 16.

"So tell us about the men of your clan. Good potential mates?" 3 votes. LA: Colony 17.

"Show your people what you've learned in school AKA your summon." 4 votes (ignored). LA: Colony 18.

Character GalleryEdit

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