Mana Deprivation

One side effect of prolonged mana deprivation is aging physically.

Mana Deprivation is a condition that affects Fae that is caused either by overuse of mana or by a fae being outside of an adequate mana pool for an extended period of time. Older fae are more vulnerable to mana deprivation, which is one reason why the older refugees, especially the Dark Elves of Shifaye'sindil, stayed behind to defend the city, since they would not have survived an extended time in the wilderness.

Mana Deprivation is a serious condition that, if not treated quickly, can lead to a fae aging at the rate of a non-immortal and eventually dying. A fae suffering from prolonged mana deprivation even takes on the features of a similarly aged non-fae (wrinkly skin, balding, ect.) One way to combat Mana Deprivation is by living in a large enough group of fae so that an adequate mana pool is produced, and Mana Plants can also be used to create a suitable living environment. However if a fae has spent a large amount of time outside of an adequate mana pool and begins to age, they will still remained aged even if they return to a large enough mana pool (although the aging will stop.)

The Tei'kaliath have also discovered that Mana Deprivation can be brought on by contact with Deðy, who appear to drain the victim's aura.

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