Age Unknown
Race Mimian
Health Healthy
Family Unknown
Children Unknown

Character InfoEdit

Mili'dhal is a trader working for the Nal'sarkoth who was sent to Ama'varde to trade with the Tei'kaliath. She has a playful personality is not above teasing shy Tei'kaliath. She is almost always seen with Rrini by her side.

Mili was assigned as the Nal'sarkoth representative aboard the Tei'kaliath airship and now eagerly looks forward to the new business opportunities that may arise on the journey. She is one of the primary NPCs the players can interact with during Path to Power 3.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Like most mimians, Mili has a darker skin tone than either chelians or Tei'kaliath. Her wavy hair is dyed black and kept loosely tied in a long ponytail that falls just a little past her waist.


  • (Chapter 2, Moon3 Day20, 7/25/12) - EA panel four: arrives at Ama'varde. First appearance.

  • (Chapter 2, Moon3 Day21, 8/1/12) - EA panel one: teasing H'ulla.

  • (Chapter 2, Moon3 Day27, 9/12/12) - EA panel one.

  • (Chapter 3, introduction / Introduction, 10/3/12) - EA panel five: expressing her excitement at being a part of the Tei'kaliath's airship's maiden voyage.

  • (Chapter 3, TestFlight2 / testflight2, 10/26/12) - EA panel five.

  • (Chapter 3, Liftoff / More Prep, 11/16/12) - EA panel five.

Critical Actions and Relationship to the Clan:Edit

Nal'Sarkoth advisor and delegate while on the airship.  Responsible for broking a deal for the jointy owned air-shipyard, Eagle's Nest.

She continues to aid the Tei'kalieth with what information she knows the various subjects she is asked about.

Character GalleryEdit

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