Activity Active
Age Unknown
Race Feline Feral

Character InfoEdit

Mirual is the translator for a trio of cat-like feral guides sent to help the Tei'kaliath by the "Greeny-ones," aka the Nal'sarkoth. Mirual is fluent in both Chelian and the halme language and appears to have extensive knowledge of the dangers in the region. Figuring out what those dangers are can be somewhat difficult at times as her speech patterns can be somewhat simplistic.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Mirual is a female feral of average height (about waist height for a drowolath) with light gray fur. Her attire consists of dark colored pants, a blue and black long sleeve tunic, and a black knee length cloak similar to Orrul and Ruuf.


  • (Chapter 2, Colony 32, 12/1/11) LA panel six: appears along with Orrul and Ruuf before An'jhali.

Critical Actions and Relationship to the Clan:Edit

Mirual and her companions have become invaluable guides on the flora and fauna of Amaranth as well as advisors when it comes to the local hume and feral groups.

Character Background.Edit

Character GalleryEdit

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