Activity Active
Age 11
Race Tei'kaliath
Health Healthy
Family Totolo
Mates None
Children None

Character InfoEdit

The son of Xenon and Ombr'eh Totolo.

Physical DescriptionEdit

A young male born dark complected enough to be considered drow. He has a combination of Xenon's blond hair, yet dyes two mowhawks black. His eyes are silver.


Advices Made by this Clan Member:Edit

Non-canon (roleplay) Character Background.Edit

Raised in Amavarde by his father, Nepu has reserved emotions. He prefers quiet time and enjoys speculating day to day events. His childhood ambition is to one day become a scout, to the point he wears a onesie pyjama set that imitates scout armor of the clan. His favourite things are his black hooded cape (his mother's from her brief stint as a scout) and his slingshot. The slingshot was not given by either xenon or ombr'eh, and they have no idea how he got it or from where, but he is unnervingly good with it.

Nepu loves his parents very much, despite how seldom his mother has been around most of his life. He has mostly been raised by his father, and as such, He has inherited the loner trait from his father and seems nonplussed by extended periods of solitude. He does in fact, get very annoyed when his sisters try and drag him away for playtime. He has been getting very good at being sneaky, just by continually trying to avoid or escape them when they have some harebrained scheme. He loves them, though, and has loomed around once or twice to make sure they did not get hurt doing something not entirely well planned out.

In conclusion, while prone to his age, Nepu still bears good standing traits of a reserved, patient and kind male. His only flaw so far is he dislikes crowds and loud noises, responding with crankiness. His eccentricites are that, he enjoys climbing, exploring, and practicing his martial skills (especially with his mother ont hose rare visits home).

He will one day discover he has his father's magical affinity for shadow, which will come to his aid when he becomes a scout for the clan. It will really, really help, as he is looking to inherit his mother's genetic makeup for being tall and muscular.

He often dreams of the day he has fully grown, rescuing the clan from bad guys and saving the day, but no one ever knowing who the hero truly was. He wishes to be the clan's mysterious and heroic dark ninja, like the heroes of theravre before his time.

Character GalleryEdit

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