Age 14
Race Dark Elf
Health Healthy
Family Sekai
Parents Jan'avin & Niar'suru

Ni'ainu (Nia for short) is the daughter of Jan'avin and Niar'suru. She is the second child born into family Sekai (the first being Ayu'mu's unnamed daughter).

Physical DescriptionEdit

Ni'ainu is a dark elf with lavender hair and green eyes. She wears a multi-layered skirt, orange top with a black shirt underneath. On her left wrist she wears her father's old leather bracelet.

Roleplay InfoEdit

Ni'ainu is a very rambunctious girl and often finds it difficult to sit still for very long. When Ni'ainu reaches a certain level of excitement, she speaks in a such a rapid fire manner as to make it sound as if her sentences are single long words. She is very curious about everything and is not afraid to go up to people in order to bombard them with questions, regardless of whether or not they were already speaking.

Nia has the same mana affinity for Empathy as her father, although she shares her mother's interest in the mana arts as a whole. Like most members of family Sekai, Nia is learning Soft Form tir'ay.

Character GalleryEdit

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