Tir'ay Form: PerformanceEdit


Ka'hab opening the first Tir'ay Tournament with Performance Form Tir'ay.

So-called Performance styles are a highly specialized form of Tir'ay that most consider completely irrelevant to actual fighting, as the practicioner memorizes a series of very specific forms for display purposes. Dance-like in their motions, these stylized kata were an omnipresent fixture at most celebrations and, when performed to music, extremely entertaining to watch. Performance styles include a great deal of flashy moves, incorporating acrobatics in order to impress an audience. However, many performance fighters also study the art for real. In many respects, a performance fighter requires a much greater level of self-mastery to reproduce a kata unerringly time and again, and, in the case of one famous performance fighter who rose to become champion several times, have proven themselves to be a legitimate style.

Sub-Forms of PerformanceEdit

The following are sub-forms of the Performance Form of Tir'ay:

  • Enter Sub-Forms here

Practitioners of PerformanceEdit

The following Clan members are skilled in the Performance Form of Tir'ay:









  • T'sorn
  • Trey'la

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