Activity Inactive
Age 30
Race Tei'kaliath
Health Healthy
Family None, formerly Nimaraidh
Mates None
Children None

Character InfoEdit

Pic'ket was a healer who served during Path to Power 1. He has since gone missing.

Physical DescriptionEdit



Path to Power 1

  • (Chapter 1, Day 49, 5/1/09) - EA panel seven: Joins the nurses. First appearance.

Advices Made by this Clan Member:Edit


Non-canon (roleplay) Character Background.Edit

Pic'Ket was born into a family of good rank in the old city and as the only son to one of Elif's older sisters. As the only son he was always in the company of his sisters, mother, and aunts to the point that he started to pick up some habits of females. As a boy his sister's favorite pass times where dressing him up in dresses and make-up (something he doesn't like to talk about the events being embarrassing) due to his more girlish looking features that didn't improve as he got older like he hoped. He was the errand boy of the family for the more delicate tasks that where not to be trusted in slave or servant hands.

Other then his mother, he didn't have any real interaction outside his family and usually kept to his errands not paying much attention to teachers or to any combat training he could've taken. Only training he received was the bare minimum for his empathy. Pic'Ket didn't like fighting due to the fact that it was because of it people got hurt the worse and he can feel that person's pain and due to his limited training he has a hard time forgetting about it. In short, he was a slacker that his mother just hoped grew out of it.

On the night of the attack Pic'Ket was quick out of bed in a panic, hearing screams from downstairs. The boy was unexperienced in such events, frightened, and wasn't thinking....he ran. Years of being an errand boy paid off only in that he was fast and was able to escape with his life and the only item he was able to grab in his mad dash: his mother's scarf. On the exodus out of the city he caught sight of his aunt Elif but was afraid to face her and cut off his hair and pulled it up into a bandanna to hide his identity. Eventually he has decided it is time to put on a brave face and see his aunt.

Character GalleryEdit

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