Rrini first appearance
Activity Active
Age Unknown
Race Feline Feral

Character InfoEdit

Rrini is a guide, bodyguard, and companion to Mili'dhal. Unlike Mili, Rrini is more reserved and cautious, balancing out her companion's impulsive and adventurous nature. Whenever she appears, it is at Mili's side.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Rrini is a female feral with black fur. Her attire consists of light brown pants, a light blue long sleeve tunic, green elbow length gloves, and a green cloak with a collar that covers most of her lower face.


  • (Chapter 2, Moon3 Day20, 7/25/11) - EA panel four: arrives at Ama'varde.

  • (Chapter 2, Moon3 Day21, 8/1/11) - EA panel one.

  • (Chapter 3, introduction / Introduction, 10/3/12) - EA panel five: on the airship with Mili.

Critical Actions and Relationship to the Clan:Edit

Character GalleryEdit

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