Activity Active
Age Unknown
Race Feline Feral

Character InfoEdit

Ruiuf is a one of a trio of feral guides sent by the Nal'sarkoth to help the help the Tei'kaliath at their new colony.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Ruiuf is a male feral with tawny fur. His attire consists of yellow pants, a grey tunic tied by a yellow sash, and a black knee length cloak similar to Mirual and Orrul.


  • (Chapter 2, Colony 32, 12/1/11) LA panel six: appears along with Mirual and Orrul before An'jhali.

  • (Chapter 2, Moon 3 Day 11, 5/23/12) LA panel five: rescuing Mirual.

Critical Actions and Relationship to the Clan:Edit

Like his companions, Ruuf acts as a guide at the service of An'jhali. When Mirual led a Kurr that was attacking a group of Tei'kaliath deeper into the woods and didn't return, Ruuf went off in search of her. A Tei'kaliath expedition sent to find them managed to distract the Kurr and found Ruuf carrying gravely injured Mirual. Both returned to the colony safely.

Character Background.Edit

Like Mirual and Orrul, Ruuf is a guide in the employ of the Nal'sarkoth. Beyond this not much is known about him as of the three he has had the fewest appearances.

Character GalleryEdit

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