Sais'lyra Val'Nal'sarkoth
Activity Active
Age Unknown
Race Mimian
Health Healthy
Family Val'Nal'Sarkoth
Mates Unknown
Children Unknown

Character InfoEdit

Sais'lyra is a ambassador of the Nal'sarkoth and served as the primary intermediary between her clan and the Tei'kaliath for the majority of Path to Power 1.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Sais'lyra is almost always seen wearing a light green gown.


  • Appeared briefly in the Moonless Age main comic before showing up in Path to Power. (Upper rightmost panel)

  • (Chapter 1, Day 47, 4/10/09) - LA panel six: appears for the first time in Path to Power.

  • (Chapter 2, Black sun siege hour 8, 11/3/10) - LA: arrives to informs the Tei'kaliath that the Sarghress have become restless due to the Black Sun invasion and have gathered an army to storm the cavern. She also tells the Tei'kaliath that she has managed to keep the Sarghress from invading for the time being but that An'jhali and her clan should depart from the cavern soon. Invites the Tei'kaliath to come to the Nal'sarkoth cavern. They agree.

  • (Chapter 2, Black sun siege END, 11/10/10) - LA panels three and four: introduces An'jhali to Ill'haress Rel'lumia.

  • (Chapter 2, Holiday 2010, 12/22/10) - EA: Seen dancing in the background.

Critical Actions and Relationship to the Clan:Edit

When the Siksa'Santi captured the Tei'kaliath's Ambassador and held her hostage along with her guards, Sais'lyra intervened on the Tei'kaliath's behalf oversee peace talks between the two clans.

Character Background.Edit

Through use of Meta Knowledge (i.e. that other Drowtales wiki) it is known that Sais'lyra is the overseer of the Nal'sarkoth's human "House".

Character GalleryEdit

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