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Activity Inactive
Age 32
Race Tei'kaliath
Health Healthy
Family Al'dun
Mates Ska'revan
Children None (not yet)

Character InfoEdit

Sarinon was an active character who worked as a studio hand.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Tall, slender and paler than most, Sarinon's soft features are an echo of her gentle words and actions. She has a stillness about her, as if she is a peace with the world, and even in anger, she remains calm and patient; always full of grace and dignity no matter the situation. Her silvery white hair and bright purple eyes give her the appearance of the ethereal, though she wears only a plain linen shirt with a grey-black vest and a simple brown-grey dress which allows her to move swiftly and easily.


Advices Made by this Clan Member:Edit

Non-canon (roleplay) Character Background.Edit

Character GalleryEdit

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