Sasunra was a settlement bordering Ther'avare and home to Chelian commoners, though a few Drowussu and Halfbreed settlers were known to exist.

When the Val'Kyorl'solenurn appeared to inspect the settlement this caused several of the Halfbreed settlers to move out, given the Kyorl's history of targeting those they see as "impure."

The settlement became the site of the initial Black Sun attack during the Black Sun Siege. A Tir'ay tournament had just been concluded at the time of the attack, and Nova, the Champion, and several other Tei'kaliaths, including Meck, Durlyn, Toreuol, Khan'zalika, Lor'tohm, Minalia, Tidus, Eldri'caldeyi and Nel'Seer attempted to fight off the Black Sun. After a tough fight in which they sustained non life-threatening injuries they took shelter in the settlement's medical station before rejoining the main Tei'kaliath force inside of Ther'avare.

Sasunra's inhabitants returned after the attack, as seen in the 2011 1 05 update.

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