Age 14
Race Dark Elf
Health Healthy
Family Zerr'andaes
Parents Lua'nar & Raeth-zar

Shri'xyra is the daughter of Lua'nar and Raeth-zar and the first child of family Zerr'andaes.

Physical DescriptionEdit

She has very frizzy white hair that she wears in tight braids along her scalp like her Mother does, but that's where it ends as she lets it poof out in a big circle behind her head with some beads worked into it here and there. She has grey eyes just like her father and has become a reed-thin pre-adolecent from being a little chunky when she was a toddler.

Roleplay InfoEdit

At age 8:

Shri'xyra (which means "Silent sage") is aptly named as she is very quiet as she doesn't really say much unless spoken to first (she's not shy, just doesn't say much). She inherited her Father's slate-grey eyes and her Mother's frizzy, untamable hair which is a very, very light silver as it still looks white (Usually kept in corn-rows just like her Mother's is). She often wanders about the colony humming constantly and follows around various people who catch her interest so she can watch what they're doing. She's an odd duck, but then she is Lua'nar's and Raeth's kid...

At age 14:

Shri is the eldest of the Zerr'andaes children and technically heir to Lua'nar as head of the family, although the Tei'Kaliath aren't always very strict in adhering to this Drow cultural norm, especially the Zerr Family, as she has always been a quiet and rather serious child. Looking much like her Mother Lua'nar, her personality more matches her Father Raeth and the two are very close. While some may think her shy, in reality she is not as she is watching what goes on around her and putting it away in her brain for later. What for? Either to discuss at length with her Father later or just because as she was taught by both her Mother and Father that all information is valuable and you never know when you might need to know it. An avid learner, she is a budding naturalist and might know more about the flora and fauna around the colony than most of her peers in her age group. She is often found humming weird tunes to herself while she's busy doing something. Sadly due to her quiet and serious nature she hasn't made too many friends among the other children, however she is especially close to her family, like her Mother, Father, Uncle Chasz and 'Aunt' Oply.

Character GalleryEdit

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