Activity Inactive
Age Unknown
Race Dark Elf
Health Dead
Family Unknown
Mates Unknown
Children Unknown

Character InfoEdit

According to Tei'kaliath lore, Su'jhar, also known as Su'jhar the Wingless, was the first known Tir'ay Master. Born long before the founding of Shifaye'sindil, Su'jhar grew up under harsh conditions but prevailed through strength of will. Eventually she broke out of her life of poverty thanks to determination and mastery of as of then unknown fighting style. While it is not entirely certain if she was the first to use tir'ay techniques, Su'jhar is attributed with being the one who brought tir'ay to the Tei'kaliath's ancestors, as well as teaching them about the three realms (Know the Self, Feel the Mana, Use the Terrain) and the four engagements (strike, hold, break, and throw).

She eventually formalized the original Hard Form of Tir'ay, and for a time it was the only form taught until the advent of Soft Form by Ana'thelin. Apparently the two had a disagrement on the fundamentals of Tir'ay and its philosophy, although the two eventually reconciled and combined the two philosophies. For many years Su'jhar and Ana'thelin were the only two Tir'ay masters, but were eventually joined by Ellisin'lae, who combined the two forms into the Balanced Form.

Eventually the surface was lost to the Tei'kaliath's ancestors and the survivors were forced to flee below the surface. Many laid down their lives in order for the rest to survive, among them Ana'thelin and Ellisin'lae. Although grief stricken, Su'jhar took over both schools and encouraged the public to learn one of the three forms.

For some time Su'jhar was the only Tir'ay master. However, this changed when a performer by the name of Imaijir entered Sifaye'sindil's greatest Tir'ay tournament and won, surprising everyone. This unexpected victory earned the recognition of Su'jhuar, who found in Imaijir a worthy equal.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Su'jhar was a muscular dark elf female with short white hair with a single braid hanging in front of her left ear. Su'jhar is shown wearing a white tunic/dress with black and brown trim. She also sports a pair of metal arm guards and has a black tattoo that covers her upper left arm. She is also depicted as going barefoot.


(Chapter 2, Flower Festival, 12/21/11) LA: described in On the Origins of Tir'ay special.

Critical Actions and Relationship to the Clan:Edit

Essentially the founder of Tir'ay, the Tei'kaliath's national martial art.

Character GalleryEdit

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