Tamo Shua
Tamo Shua
Activity Active
Age 84
Health Well
Family None, formerly Rein'Annas
Mates None
Children None

Character InfoEdit

During Path to Power 1, Tamo served as a scout assitant under Kir'ima and Kitab. Now on the surface he serves as a healer.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Tamo Shua is 5'11" in height and dresses in simple grey colored clothing and an orange scarf.


Path to Power 1

  • (Chapter 2, Epilogue 17, 3/23/11) - EA panel one: Being treated for his broken leg.

Advices Made by this Clan Member:Edit

Non-canon (roleplay) Character Background.Edit

That all came to an end one night while Tamo was reading in bed. His mother had come for him.

Dressed for war she allowed him little time to gather his clothing before rushing him out. They separated at the mouth of a tunnel. There where a number of Drow weakening the walls and ceiling of it to seal the exit. That was the last time Tamo saw any of his family.

Tamo Shua: is short for this clan of Drowolath at just over five foot eight inches tall ((Yes I consider the lot of ya from the Zulu tribe. Which like the Tir'ay could be one of the things which make the Tei'Kaliath clan unique.))of average build, his face could be called beautiful for a male, he has brownish hair that hangs down to the middle of his upper back tied with four braids, two on each side of his head one in front and one behind his ears the back is a ponytail tied at the shoulder, eyes are tinted green within gold. Clothing is a travel warn short split at the legs white robe with pants, gold trimmed around the neck, cuffs and legs.

Tamo believes the eyes are the mirrors of the soul and tends to make eye contact a lot. Save in formal events. He has become somewhat jaded towards war considering it as the last resort, yet he understands that sometimes life leaves you little choice. Tamo considers this clan as family now, they are all he has left, Clear speaking and friendly Tamo wants little for himself save the clan survive and thrive. His unspoken motto has become. There is glory and then there is duty.

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