Age Unknown
Health Healthy
Affiliation Vloz'ress
Relatives Ninorok

Vicyl is the older half-brother of Ninorok. While he is not featured in Path to Power, he is a cameo in Moonless Age as a Vloz'ress Scourge.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Vicyl is a ssu male of average height and build. Like Ninorok, he has short cropped blond hair. His face has been badly scarred and his nose is now deformed. He is tainted.

Background InfoEdit

Vicyl spent his life as a mercenary, an occupation he deeply loathed. He worked under his father, who he didn't care for, while looking for other opportunities to strike out on his own. One day, his drunken father slipped out a tale of a brothel he had to stop visiting because one of the whores claimed she was pregnant with his child. Vicyl went to investigate and after months of searching, eventually found Ninorok in Chel'el'Sussoloth.

He was unpleasantly surprised to find his brother seemed mute and almost gave up on him, but instinct told him to stay. Vicyl eventually discovered Ninorok's stuttering problem and decided he would help him overcome it. He began to visit regularly, teaching Nino to read and helping him build confidence. Over time, Vicyl began to care for him. Eventually, he decided he wanted to start a new life for the both of them by joining the Sarghress. In joining a clan he would be able to save enough to buy Nino and the two of them could be a real family and he'd be more than just another mercenary. In this, Vicyl finally felt as if he had found something to live for.

The events during the Nidraa'chal war forever scarred him physically and emotionally. Instead of joining the Sarghress he managed to crawl his way to the Vloz'ress where he was eventually accepted as a Scourge. He is aware that in doing so he has essentially abandoned his brother and has no idea if he survived the war or not. He assumes Ninorok is dead to ease his guilty conscience.

Fun Fact: Vicyl and Ninorok's father, Kor'ulath, was a disgraced Dutan'vir who was banished from the clan for unknown reasons.

Character GalleryEdit

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