Zekolg Lua
Activity Active
Age 7
Race Tei'kaliath Dark Elf
Health Healthy
Family D'rak
Mates None
Children None

Character InfoEdit

Zekolg is the child of Dycle Totolo and Seraphina D'rak

Physical DescriptionEdit

Zelkolg has purple eyes and should length purple hair. During school hours or when Zekolg helps out in his mother's forge he ties his hair back so it doesn't interfere with his actions, during play he just lets it be free in the wind.


Advices Made by this Clan Member:Edit

Non-canon (roleplay) Character Background.Edit

Born later then most of the second generation of Amavardian elves, Zekolg is smaller then most of the other children except for Princess Isi'jha. Zekolg is incredibly mature for his young age mostly due to his family environment. His parents, Seraphina D'rak a busy black smith in Ama'varde and Dycle Totolo, his sire and mana specialist have odd characters about them. Seraphina acts a a loving mother to Zekolg and provides for him as best she can. Dycle acted as his empathic protector when an infant and toddler, until Zekolg reacted the age of reason and mortality. Dycle took over the role of disciplinarian and mentor for the fledgling empath of his line. At home Zekolg mostly follows around and plays with his "older sister" Syal'ria and is a normal active boy despite his empathy altering his perceptions though he tends to be conservative about brash acts. During lessons he is quiet and attentive, using all his senses to understand the material being instructed and using titles to show respect.

Character GalleryEdit

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