Owner Lua'nar Zerr'andaes Tei’kaliath
Number of Members 9-ish

Lua'nar, Raeth-zar, Ninorok, Chasz'nolu, OplynacheElhvir, Wei'rune, Gultyrr

Family InfoEdit

Family Motto: “Through ourselves, the stars"

Family Zerr'andaes is an open family for any who wish to join it.


Family Zerr’andaes was founded by Lua'nar and Tath’drin’jss in honor of their families that were lost due to the downfall of Clan Tei’kaliath’s original home city. Zerr’andaes basically means “[to go forth] from the stars” as their philosophy is one of bettering yourself mentally, physically and spiritually to better serve the Clan Tei’kaliath in all areas. They also plan on supporting the Clan via having many, many babies!


Lua'nar Zerr'andaes Tei’kaliath



  • Lua'nar - Head of the family, Mana Specialist/Teacher
  • Raeth-zar - Mate of Lua'nar, Crafter
  • Ninorok - Companion of Lua'nar and Raeth, Healer
  • Oplynache - Smith, likes teh shineys, mate of Elhvir
  • Chasz'nolu - Twin brother of Lua'nar (Secondary character of HorusRe)
  • Elhvir - Former mercenary from Chel, mate of Oplynache
  • Wei'rune - Candymaker, mate of Gultyrr
  • Gultyrr - Former mercenary from Chel, mate of Wei'rune


  • Shri'xyra - Daughter of Lua'nar and Raeth-zar

Former Members:


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